Feel free to contact me if you want to organize a workshop with me, or private/group lessons, or hire me for a gig.

WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: +41 76 295 75 88
Normal phone: +41 22 366 39 80

Jonas Viatte
Chemin des Perce-Neige 4
1264 Saint-Cergue


Support me

I will publish instructions which will help people make their own LoopMachine. Also, the CircleSongs I facilitate are open price. If you want to contribute to these projects, here are some options:

  • My Ko-Fi page: You can make a small donation here to support my project.
  • If you’re in Switzerland, you can Twint me here: 076 295 75 88

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, which is free, so you get informed when I release material. Or share this website with friends who might be interested. Spread the music, spread the joy!

The ViaYoga center

This is where I teach, where I organize workshops and retreats with many different facilitators. See the ViaYoga website, and full list of retreats here.


At our ViaYoga center

  • My brother Ben Viatte, globetrotter. Has literally walked from Europe to India. On his website you can see all of his adventures. He is also a web designer and helped create this website, with love.
  • My mother Iva Viatte, who co-founded the center in 2007. In love with traditional Indian culture, she has been practicing and teaching yoga for many years. She also gives massages following the ancient Ayurvedic tradition.
  • In loving memory of my brother Joseph Viatte, dancer, juggler, meditator and angel, you can see his website here.

CircleSongs and singing

  • Chantpourtous.com: A great resource for finding CircleSongs and improv singing groups across France
  • Ressources en improvisation vocale: A website set up by Gaël Aubrit, one of the leading CircleSongs facilitators in Europe. If you want to host CircleSongs or improv singing groups yourself, this space has many many exercises you can do with your students.
  • Nicolas Mahnich: Also an incredible CircleSongs facilitator in the Lyon area in France. We have learnt together and taught together.
  • Gaël Aubrit: The man who started the Chant Pour Tous association in 2012, bringing this improvised singing movement to France and Europe.

Loop music

  • Loopy Pro: The most advanced portable loop station software. Also the tool that powers my whole LoopMachine system.
  • Beardyman