In St-Cergue, Switzerland

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Improvised choir, using nothing but our voices, beatbox, and body percussion. In a circle with kind caring people, learn to let go of your fears and find comfort in situations that would normally intimidate you.

Workshops elsewhere

If you want to hire me for a workshop, a retreat, or a CircleSong discovery session, or a collaboration, feel free to contact me.
Possible workshop themes:

  • Roots in your life: Finding comfort in difficult situations, work on presence, direct honest communication (including non-verbal communication), movement and rooting exercises. Through CircleSongs, learn to trust yourself even when you feel you have nothing to bring.
  • From imagination to creation: Bringing your personal color into CircleSongs, drawing, meditation, imaginary languages and worlds.
  • Special voice techniques: Beatbox, overtone, throat singing, powerful singing, meditative singing along with a shruti or other drone instrument. And how to integrate these techniques in CircleSongs.

Looper life workshop

Live looping may be one of the most free way to create music on the spot, from your mind to your voice/instrument, to your machine. See the LoopMachine page.

The machine is like a multi-instrumentalist musician partner, who happily helps you out and plays just as well as you do.

In this future workshop I will teach the students how to compose live with your loop station, integrating tools that you won’t even have to think about as you’re creating your music.

But it’s MUCH broader than this. We will create our own worlds and imaginary cultures and characters, who will help us create diverse music and art.


Private lessons are possible too. Depending on your needs, we can work on different aspects of what I teach to groups. The price is the same is you’re alone or with a few friends. That way you can share the price if there are several of you.

Voice and life

  • Singing games: Tools for improv singing, harmonization, and CircleSongs
  • Presence: Finding your roots and your comfort in different situations
  • Special vocal techniques: Beatbox, overtone, throat singing, powerful singing, meditative singing along with a shruti or other drone instrument…

Loop music

  • I can help you set up your iPhone or iPad as a portable loop station
  • You can then use it as a practice tool to sing with yourself
  • … Or you can expand it infinitely into a professional tool that you can use for live gigging
  • We will also practice musicality and creativity using these tools.


  • Learn an intuitive approach to didgeridoo
  • Rhythm blocks and patterns
  • Integrate tools and techniques into your playing while keeping it intuitive and natural
  • Learn to jam with other instruments (listen while you play)